Venice Min



Growing up as a ballet dancer since 4 years old, Venice started teaching ballet classes at the young age of 15 as a professional ballet graduate. However, she has a bigger dream and ambition she wanted to attain in life.

Aspiring to be a model since 17, Venice is a great example to prove that dedication promises success. Her modeling career kicked off when she was approached by a local talent agency in Penang before she graduated from high school. at the first 3 months after signing under the agency, she received numerous modeling jobs for commercials, not missing out the engagements from magazines based in Kuala Lumpur, Persevere with her passion in modeling, she was willing to take lenghty bus rides from Penang to KL for a photoshoot. Swiftly, majority of her castings turned out triumphant as she became the new commercial baby in the industry. Her faces can be seen everywhere in billboards, televisions and prints.

Besides, Venice also started acting in movies. Having no fear to obstacles in life, Venice took challenges optimistically when she accepted the role in ‘My Mr.Right'(Taiwanese movie) as she could not read Mandarin. She constantly aims to give the best version of herself in her works.

This multi-talented woman has also aspired to become an entrepreneur since young. Her role model is her aunty, which is a smart, capable and independent businesswoman, who plays a crucial role in shaping Venice to who she is today. little did you know, she started investing in businesses at the young age of 20. Seeing her businesses grow motivates her to work harder every day.

Fashion and Business will always be her passion now and in the future. Although she has been achieving her young dream, but she is still humbly striving to improve herself in order to reach higher goals and turn her ambitions into reality.

Empowerment is what she aims to deliver to her audience. She wishes to become the best example to her audience and drive them to become a better person in life.